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Danny Phantom: The Urban Jungle review

Strictly for fans of the kids show


  • Combining weapons and abilities
  • Blasting ghosts
  • Anything to do with Danny
  • right?


  • Too easy
  • Too repetitive
  • Not too funny

In this side-scrolling shooter, Mr. Danny of the Phantom fame blasts his way through screens of ghosts, using selected special abilities to lure them, blast them or vacuum them up. There are four weapon types; each with special attacks, which when combined with the chosen bonus abilities makes this more interesting than the average cartoon tie-in. But it’s too easy, too repetitive, and worst of all, doesn’t have that classic Butch Hartman sense of humor.

More Info

DescriptionAt long last, a side-scroller based on a Nickelodeon cartoon makes its way to a Nintendo hand-held!
US censor ratingEveryone