Danny DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eddie Murphy to star in Twins sequel

Eddie Murphy's recent comedy A Thousand Words has been dubbed "the worst film of all time" by sections of the American media. However, that hasn't stopped him climbing back on the horse, as THR reports Murphy is set to join Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito for Twins sequel, Triplets .

Murphy will be playing the long lost brother of the original duo, with the entire concept for the movie presumably built upon that improbability.

If you'll recall, the original had Schwarzenegger and DeVito as twins who were born in some kind of secret lab. Arnie got all the good genes, leaving Danny with the rest, thus "explaining" their disproportionate sizes.

We're not quite sure how they'll write the existence of an African-American brother into proceedings, but we're sure they'll manage somehow. At this stage, there's no director attached, but original helmer Ivan Reitman will return to produce.

"The story has to be right," said DeVito when recently asked by Collider about a possible sequel. "But I've always thought we should do something to work together again." So long as Brett Ratner stays well away, we'll keep an open mind...

George Wales

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