Danny Boyle on Terry Pratchetts Truckers?

Now that Slumdog Millionaire is finally getting some well-deserved love from studios and festival audiences, Danny Boyle is pondering options for his next film. Among them? A long-gestating version of Terry Pratchett’s book Truckers and a possible follow-up to 28 Days Later.

Talking to Coming Soon , Boyle admitted that he’s tentatively planning to work with Millions screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce on his long-pondered animated Pratchett adaptation, which would see small creatures known as nomes attempting to survive in the human world.

Whilst it may not happen for some time, the director has talked to DreamWorks and has realised it will be a challenge. "It's a weird different discipline, it's very strange," he says. "You're more like a ringmaster, kind of organizing this huge army of illustrators who can change the movie.”

Director to helm 28 Weeks Later sequel?

Boyle also has an idea for another film set in the Infected-strewn England of 28 Days later, according to MTV . While he only produced sequel 28 Weeks Later, chances are he may direct another follow-up.

Don’t expect too many details on that one either though – all he has is a concept. “I have an idea for it but I’ve got to present it and see what people think really because it might be silly really,” he laughs.

We just want to see it, Danny. Oh, and Porno. And… Well, he’ll get to them all, eventually.