Damian Wayne rallies his team as Lazarus Planet Alpha kicks off

Lazarus Planet Alpha #1 art
Lazarus Planet Alpha #1 art (Image credit: DC)

At the best of times, even in comic books, the concept of magic is ever-changing and hard to pin down. But when something adds a touch of chaos to the mix, magic can become an unwieldy force of change - and that's exactly what happens in a new preview of interior pages from January 10's Lazarus Planet Alpha #1, which kicks off DC's Lazarus Planet event.

And as we stated, magic is the big catalyst for the events of the story in which Ra's al Ghul's fabled Lazarus Pit becomes a full-on Lazarus Volcano thanks to a villain named King Fire Bull, spewing out its mysterious liquid contents across the globe and causing havoc for magic users - and also rewriting aspects of the DC Universe through its own power.

In the preview pages, Damian Wayne leads a team including Zatanna, Shazam, Power Girl, Black Alice, Monkey Prince, Cyborg, Blue Beetle, Supergirl, and more as they attempt to navigate the erupting Lazarus Volcano and figure out how to get their powers working as normal once more by attacking the Tower of Fate.

Here's the preview of the pages from writer Mark Waid, artists Riccardo Federici and Brad Anderson, and letterer Steve Wands:

Another interesting tidbit in the new preview pages involves the supervillain Devil Nezha, who was displaced from the Lazarus Pit by his own adopted son King Fire Bull - leading Damian, who was once under Nezha's control, to speculate that they may be able to turn the Devil Nezha from foe to ally against their new common enemy.

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