Cry of the Infected demo released

Cyborg Arm Games, an indie developer with the mission to "offer unique first-person shooter experiences for the hardcore gamer at low prices," has released a demo of its game Cry of the Infected.

It bigs up the FPS by declaring it a "unique twist on zombie games," by which it means players assume the role of a zombie - in fact a zombie called Robert. Robert isattempting to track down his wife in a zombie-infested city hit by a biological warfare experiment that's gone belly-up. Very traditional.

"The story is really told through two perspectives," says Luke Porter, creator of Cry of the Infected. "You experience this gruesome environment as a zombie, but you also find pieces of a letter from one of the soldiers assigned to contain the zombie outbreak."

The demo's available for downloadhere, and if it catches your interest the full game - which contains 13 levels and around one to two hours of gameplay - can be purchased for about two quid (like, $4).

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 10, 2008