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Craig in Cowboys & Aliens?

Earlier this week, busier-than-a-blue-arsed-fly Robert Downey Jr walked away from Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens because of an over-stuffed schedule.

Well, it seems that no time is being wasted in searching for a replacement. And over at Collider , they’ve had word that Daniel Craig has been approached to play the role left vacant by Downey Jr.

Though negotiations are still ongoing, Craig would play Zeke Jackson, a gunslinger who must unite with Indians when aliens arrive in Silver City, Arizona.

The project’s been ticking slowly over for nigh on a decade now, so here’s hoping Favreau can finally get the thing off the ground. The director wants to shoot this summer (which explains the swift casting negotiations), a timeframe that would definitely work around Craig’s Bond duties.

As for Mr Craig as a cowboy? Count us in! We know he can handle a gun, and look pretty cool doing so. Now get him in a hat and on a horse, and we'll see what he's really made of.

Fancy seeing Craig battling aliens in the Wild West? Let us know your thoughts below.