Could next Star Wars feature a female protagonist?

As the dust continues to settle upon the sudden announcement that J.J. Abrams will be taking the helm for the new Star Wars film, an intriguing story has come out suggesting that the main character in the new film might be female.

/Film (opens in new tab) have reported that when Matthew Vaughn was being considered for the position, he had pitched Chloë Grace Moretz to the studio as the leading lady he had in mind for the project.

Whether or not that was a piece of potential casting specific to Vaughn’s vision for the film remains to be scene, but it would be an intriguing change of pace for a traditionally male-dominated franchise.

Meanwhile, Abrams has offered the first few tidbits of reaction to his sudden appointment to E! Online (opens in new tab) , and as you’d expect, they’re not giving very much away.

“It really is an incredible thing,” said the director. “Even more so, it’s wildly surreal. It’s obviously way too early to talk specifics, but I’m excited to actually start it.”

Meanwhile, Deadline (opens in new tab) has revealed that Lucasfilm will not release any further 3D treatments of the prequel series. The studio had been planning to refit the entire trilogy, but those plans have now been shelved in order to focus on the new film.

Star Wars: Episode VII is scheduled to open in the UK in 2015.

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