Commander Shepard's new moves exposed in Mass Effect 3 combat video

If the last two Mass Effect games have proved anything, it's that glowing scars are chick magnets, and Commander Shepard can almost always hold his own in a fight. For his next (and final?) adventure, the N7 soldier with a heart is getting even more moves, and you can get a taste of the kickassery to come in BioWare's new combat gameplay video.

The behind-the-scenes short stars combat designer Corey Gaspur and gameplay designer Eric Fagnan showing off new powers such as the Engineer's sentry turret and the Vanguard's AOE Nova attack, as well as heavy melee attacks for each class. Check it out:

This latest BioWare Pulse episode also details the 'extremely limited' Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition, complete with an Art Book, Dark Horse comic, Normandy Lithograph, N7 patch, and in-game bonuses like special character clothing, weapon packs, a robo-dog, bonus missions, and a digital copy of the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack. Watch the nerd-rific unboxing, or unbox it for yourself when it arrives for mass consumption in North America on March 6, and in the UK on March 9.

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