Not even Black Adam, Shazam, and the Marvel Family are safe from Amanda Waller's power-stealing androids in Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1

Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1
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Absolute Power is about to devastate the DC Universe by taking away the powers of most if not all of DC's superheroes. And with Superman himself potentially down for the count, the "next most powerful supers in the DCU" are Shazam (AKA the Captain), and the rest of the Marvel Family. 

In Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1, Amanda Waller, who is leading the charge to depower and neutralize all the superheroes in the DC Universe, sends The Last Son, one of her power-absorbing Amazo androids, to steal the abilities of the Marvel Family.

But there's at least one member of the Marvel Family who has a unique chance against the power of Waller and her so-called Trinity of Evil, which also includes Failsafe and the Brainiac Queen: Black Adam. However, even he may be down for the count.

We've got an early preview of pages from Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 by writer Leah Williams, artist Caitlin Yarsky, colorist Alex Guimarães, and letterer Dave Sharpe, showing off the first meeting between Black Adam and The Last Son along with covers by Pete Woods, Dave Raposa, Dan Mora, Stephen Platt, John Timms, and Brad Walker:

"SUPER NO MORE! With the assault on Metropolis's heroes complete, Amanda Waller's latest living weapon, the Last Son, sets his sights on the other most powerful supers in the DCU...the Marvel Family!" reads DC's official description of Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1. 

"Will their combined powers be enough to survive this terrifying threat? In this biweekly series we'll see the ABSOLUTE POWER event through the eyes of evil - as told from the point of view of the TRINITY OF EVIL!"

Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 goes on sale July 10.

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