CliffyB on BioShock: "Fu*k bees"

Sept 17, 2007

Better late than never - Epic's Cliff Bleszinski has reviewed (kind of) the mighty BioShock on his blog, saying some very nice things about it. He even calls it his game of the year, but that's got nothing to do with the fact that it uses Epic's technology or because he's friends with some of the staffers, he points out.

Still there are some points he doesn't like, or can't get his head around. "I don't understand how this brainstorming session went down," he wrote. "Like, I get freezing people and shattering them with your wrench... that's cool... I get setting people ablaze, because, you know, it's pretty funny. (Well, except when it's a monk setting himself on fire on purpose in order to protest a war or something like that.)

In the words of my hair twin Dane Cook - 'Fuck bees. I'll punch bees in the face. Who gets killed by bees?'

"Are your foes even allergic to the bees? What about gluten? Could I throw some wheat at them and watch them swell up like Will Smith in 'Hitch?'

"More importantly, who WANTS to shoot bees? So bullets aren't fun enough, we want to shoot... bees? They're not even killer wasps or spiders. A spider gun would be good because, hey, who wants spiders crawling all over them."

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Courtesy ofCVG.