Indie Game of the Week: warming up the cold war in Clandestine

While this post Cold War two-player spy-’em-up might look a bit like it was made in the ’90s (remember Mission: Impossible on the N64?) as well as set then, there’s something about the co-op on offer in Clandestine that we just can’t deny. As one player takes on the role of the spy on the ground infiltrating high security buildings and delivering the odd deadly or non-lethal takedown (depending on how Batman-like you feel), the second gets cast as a hacker who can see maps of the environment, security systems and enemies.

Logic Artists is keeping quiet on the apparently intriguingly complex plot for now but, the Steam Early Access build offers up four challenge maps for you to take on as Russian agent Katya and the voice in her ear, Martin.

Keeping in constant communication is key as you make your way through levels together, with the person on hacking duties using their Aiden Pearce-like ways to skip between security cameras, tag enemies through walls, and even organise ammo and health drops.

It’s possible to play single-player and switch out between the two characters with a press of a button (like some sort of high-tech Lost Vikings homage), but this kind of asymmetrical gameplay is designed to be enjoyed with a friend. Or someone you dislike, whereby you could ‘accidentally’ read those maps wrong…

GamesMaster Staff
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