Christmas Crackers - Part Five

Part Five - Bastards, battle royales and bizarre deaths


The 30 Greatest Gangster Movies

Mobsters, molls, heavies & hoods. An offer you can't refuse...

The 20 Strangest Movie Star Chat Show Appearances

Meltdowns, mockery and madness from thesps on TV...

The 40 Greatest Movie Bastards

It's a love/hate thing. Deliciously nasty bad guys...

What If All Websites Were Movies?

Fincher's doing Facebook, should Scorsese do Spotify?

Battle Royale: Movie Vs TV Dinosaurs

A prehistoric punch-up for the ages...

The 22 Stupidest Movie Moments

Invisible cars, nuclear fridges, and surfing elves...

15 Bizarre Movie Deaths

Gross, gruesome and gory ways to meet your maker

20 Movie Worlds That Could Make Great Holidays

From Naboo to Lothlorien. Wish you were there?

Battle Royale: Movie Magicians vs. Real Magicians

Cinematic sorcerers against stage showmen

The 20 Most Misquoted Movie Lines

Dirty Harry’s diatribe and more… corrected!

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