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Check out all 6 Titanfall 2 titans and pick a fave

That up there is a quick introduction to all six of Titanfall 2's titans. It's an upgrade from the previous game's three and they're packing all sorts of new heat. 

Just incase that little teaser isn't enough, there are another six videos going into each one in more detail. The rough breakdown is as follows: 

  • Ion - basic infantry with splitter rifle, shield, trip mines, laser core. 
  • Scorch - fire based with an incendiary trap, thermite launcher, fire core.
  • Tone - precision attacks via tracker cannon and rockets, sonar, deployable shield and salvo core (homing missiles).
  • Ronin - shotgun type weapon, teleport dash and sword. 
  • Legion - minigun with long range and auto lock ability. 
  • Northstar - can fly. Also has a plasma railgun and tether traps. 

Now let's take the full tour.  







So, who's your murderbot? 

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Leon Hurley
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