Captain Marvel #27 reunites classic creative team to "make your jaw drop"

Page from Captain Marvel #27
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David Lopez was the lead artist on writer Kelly Sue de Connick's second volume of Captain Marvel, following her initial run which brought Carol Danvers into the role of Captain Marvel.

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Now, several years after his departure, Lopez will return for Captain Marvel #27 alongside current series writer Kelly Thompson, forming their own reunion as two of the creators of the Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps limited series.

For the reunion, Carol is also reuniting with several friends - the only one of whom Lopez will name is Jessica Drew - to drown her sorrows following her break-up with James Rhodes. But all is not fun and games, as Lopez promises a finale that will "make your jaw drop."

Newsarama spoke to Lopez ahead of Captain Marvel #27's March 17 release to learn all about what's in store in the issue, and how it feels getting back into the cockpit with Carol.

Newsarama: David, how does it feel to return to Captain Marvel for this fun story with some special guest stars?

David Lopez: It feels like home, you don't usually have the chance to come back to a series you've worked for a long time, the best part is that you don't need to learn to draw the main character, which makes it super easy.

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Nrama: What's it like drawing Carol as she is in 2021, versus your take on her in your 2015 run with Kelly Sue DeConnick? How has your perspective on her changed?

Lopez: Carol has grown bigger in the MCU, now she's the biggest gun, she's been in her own movie and in Avengers Endgame. 

Lots of great artists have drawn her as who she became after Kelly Sue's work, now there's lots of material to get inspiration from. Kris Anka's or Carmen Carnero's work is there and I can learn from what they've drawn. 

I have changed my style a lot too, Captain Marvel was my first book drawn digitally. In 2015 I was redefining my art completely, now I'm more secure in my trade.

Nrama: On that note, you're working on Captain Marvel #27 with writer Kelly Thompson, who's been writing Carol for some time. How has it been getting into the swing of things with Kelly?

Lopez: It was super fun, of course, she's got a touch for comedy that I like a lot. In fact, I drew her first Marvel books, she wrote Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps with Kelly Sue, so technically, we had already worked together on Captain Marvel.

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Kelly Thompson has done magnificent work on the title, she's fueled it with her own voice and that's super hard to achieve. Carol is still the same Captain Marvel she became in Kelly Sue's hands, but with Kelly Thompson's personal tone, her humor, her dramatic sense in there too. 

There's no doubt about whose book it is now.

Nrama: What's your favorite thing you drew for this issue?

Lopez: Carol's interactions with Jessica Drew, those two friends have perfect chemistry.

Nrama: Speaking of which, the cover of Captain Marvel #27 teases some guest stars, including Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Namor, many of whom have had romantic relationships with Carol. How did you lean into that aspect of the story for this issue?

Lopez: That's an aspect that I like a lot about working with characters with such long histories. After so many years 'living' in Marvel continuity, they have backgrounds that feel very much real. Carol has had her lovers and her enemies - she's got a past, and taking advantage of it is a very wise creative move.

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Nrama: Which guest star did you enjoy getting to draw most, alongside Carol?

Lopez: I won't spoil anything! But Carol's friends, the four girls are super fun, dressing them for a night out was a challenge.

Nrama: You've stayed quite busy over the last few years, with work at a variety of publishers. What's next for you after your Captain Marvel guest spot?

Lopez: I'm glad that you asked this question… Image published my creator-owned, Black Hand & Iron Head, in September and I'll start the PanelSyndicate pay-what-you-want publication of the continuation in a few days, March is going to be a very important month for me

Nrama: What do you want readers to know going into Captain Marvel #27?

Lopez: The first pages of Captain Marvel #27 might seem like one of those 'girls' night out' issues where nothing important happens, but that'd be a big mistake - a huge mistake. At the end, it'll make your jaw drop, mark my words.

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