Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded

It's great to see game sharing being used, letting you send respectable chunks of some of the games to a friend's PSP.Presumably, your ulterior motive is to convince them to pick up the collection so you have a person to play ad hoc wireless with. Just like Capcom Classics Collection Remixed, though, the default controls are a bit loose for precise control.

The options for screen ratios are intact from Remixed, letting you play with the original screen shape, displace key data to a side, or let the game take up the whole PSP screen with uniformly well-done graphics.It stretches the games out a bit but is easily worth it to enjoy the full PSP screen.When this sets the game 90 degrees to its usual orientation (as it does with the vertical shooter 1942 ) it can be very awkward to actually press the buttons you need to get to.And Street Fighter is always going to be weird without a fighting pad.The issue was there in Remixed, so it's unfortunate that a solid control solution hasn't been implemented yet. We're thankful for the options, though,and there's still time to tweak it all before the game's release.

These are small complaints about a great line up of retro titles.Game sharing is a great feature to see being used, and it isn't too late to see an excellent alternate control scheme be introduced for the alternate screen ratios.