Capcom: Blame Nintendo for Bionic no show

Capcom's senior director of strategy Christian Svensson has said that the omission of Bionic Commando on Virtual Console is down to Nintendo.

"Guys, you have to take this up with Nintendo. This is NOT, repeat NOT, a Capcom issue," he wrote on theofficial Capcom forums.

"Please remember, Nintendo calls the shots on what goes up on VC, not third parties."

Bionic Commando producer Ben Judd also chimed in on the possibility of seeing the all new 3D title appear on the Wii.

"A Wii version is something we are considering," he toldKotaku.

"And if we did a Wii version, it would not be a port of the next-gen games or a remake. It would be an original title, but wouldn't use the Wii-mote for one-to-one swinging. I have a pretty creative idea for how to handle the controls."

Is Capcom's days of porting old titles to Wii finally at an end? An all new Bionic Commando title exclusive to Wii could be the kind of traditional game Wii owners are waiting for.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 28, 2008