Call of Duty 4 announcement this week?

Are we going to see Call of Duty 4 announced this week? Well, that's what we're speculating as CoD and CoD 2 developer Infinity Ward has said it's making an announcement on... something this week.

In a post on its official forums, the developer has said, "Insert boring update about some mundane "what we're doing" detail that no one actually cares about (such as new employees or kleenex testing) because they're just reading these updates for the glimpse hope that we'll slip and say something we're not suppose to about our next title, or that we're going to allude to the fact that maybe, just maybe something that actually is interesting is coming up in the near future (and by near future I mean next Saturday)."

Above: Will the new Call of Duty look like this? Probably

Itcontinues, listing "Amazing Things To Happen On April 28th" from history and finally adds, "2007 - What goes down this April 28th is equal to, if not surpasses, the magnitude of any of those. Who's ready?!"

So will it be Call of Duty 4? We can but wait and see.

April 23, 2007