Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble review

One to occupy the little terrors


  • Cute
  • non-threatening monsters
  • Some funny minigames
  • Party game for young and old


  • Mostly button mashing exercises
  • Taking turns leads to boredom
  • Inconsistent quality of minigames

Dec 6, 2007

Continuing in the same vein as RoboJam and Jungle Party, Monster Rumble is a collection of party games that utilize the Buzz controllers for robust button-bashing rather than testing your reflexes in a quiz show format. As the title suggests the theme here is ‘monsters’, specifically cartoony ones - so as not to give the kids nightmares - and the presentation is suitably energetic and enthusiastic. The minigames, however, are of an inconsistent quality. Some are genuinely funny - such as pumpkin-bashing and racing on barrels - but others often require people to take turns, something that slows down the action. That’s not a disaster, but it’s far from the perfect party experience. So just make sure the folks you get to play this with you are both young and undemanding.

More Info

DescriptionThe same old Buzz - but now with monsters which strangely make the game less exciting.
Franchise nameBuzz!
UK franchise nameBuzz!
UK censor rating3+
Release date (US), 2 November 2007 (UK)