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Buzz! Junior: Ace Racers review

Straight on... and on... and on...


  • Resembles Scalextric sets
  • Simple enough for toddlers
  • Non-racing games good


  • Can't steer in racing
  • Annoying announcer
  • Will bore parents

If you had a Scalextric set as a kid, you%26rsquo;ll understand the appeal of Buzz! Junior Ace Racers. That%26rsquo;s not to say you%26rsquo;ll want to play it, mind you, because this game is pitched quite firmly at the sort of age group that%26rsquo;s only just learnt how to stop dribbling down their chins.

The game gives you a series of minigames to play, in multiplayer bouts against friends or the AI. Mostly made up of racing games %26ndash; in planes, boats or cars %26ndash; these are best described as Micro Machines without the steering wheel. That%26rsquo;s because the vehicles remain on invisible rails %26ndash; you just control their speed with the big red button on the Buzz buzzers, and turbo boost with one of the other four buttons. A few other game types add variety to the racing and, largely, these are quite good. It%26rsquo;s the racing ones that get boring and the stuck-record announcer is annoying too. Not bad for kids.

Nov 14, 2008

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A barely there racing game more made for the under 7 crowd, and will likely bore anyone older, especially the under 7's parents.

Franchise nameBuzz!
UK franchise nameBuzz!
UK censor rating3+
Release date (US), 24 October 2008 (UK)