Breaking Dawn Part 2 tops the US box office

Breaking Dawn Part 2 has surprised precisely no one by storming to the top of the US box office, although it fell just short of the series’ best ever haul.

The new film took a whopping $141.3m in its opening weekend, outstripping nearest contender Skyfall by around $100m. No wonder there is already talk of further spin-offs to come…

That total makes the film the second most successful Twilight movie, falling just shy of New Moon , which opened to $142.8m. The film has also been a hit worldwide, with its overall total hitting the $340m mark.

Skyfall has only managed $161.3 million in the US so far, but its global total has now risen to $669.2m, a triumphant haul for 007 on his fiftieth anniversary.

Meanwhile, there will be a big vampire-shaped hole in the future of the US box-office. Although how long we have to wait before a prequel/spin-off/sidequel is announced, remains to be seen…

George Wales

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