Blue Blood review

Real life Rockys with stiff upper (class) lips come out of their corners in Blue Blood, a captivating film about the Oxford University boxing team. Following a group of hopefuls preparing for a bout against rivals Cambridge, director Stevan Riley delivers a knockout doc. Training the boys is bluff former boxer turned builder Des, who knows not everyone will go the full 12 rounds. The tension is in guessing who’ll fold first: American astrophysicist Justin (“I fully believe in Jesus Christ”); poncey philosophy student Kavanagh (“My mind’s the most important thing”); or biochemist Fred, who’s channelling his anger towards his long-lost dad. They’re a sorry collection of freaks and geeks, but Riley’s sharp eye for the human interest angle nails the blood, sweat and tears that go into being an Oxford blue. Plus there’s something very satisfying about seeing over-privileged posh boys getting their toffee noses smashed in.

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