Blood Hunters #2 introduces an all-new vampire hunter and shows what happens when vampires drink the Hulk's blood

Blood Hunters #2 cover art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

June will mark the second month of Marvel's massive Blood Hunt crossover, and with that comes the second month of many of its numerous tie-ins as well, including Blood Hunters #2. 

In the second issue of the anthology, writer Erica Schultz and artist Bernard Chang's main story plot of Dagger assembling a team to rescue her partner Cloak from vampires, this time teaming up with famed monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone as they encounter a new "combatant" whose allegiance isn't clear yet.

Blood Hunters #2's other stories will be created by writers Kaare Andrews and Ann Nocenti, and artists Alex Lins and David Baldeon (Marvel hasn't specified exactly which creators are on which story). 

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Following up on the first issue's Clint Barton story, Blood Hunters #2 features a different Hawkeye story, this time featuring Kate Bishop as she teams up with a brand new vampire hunter. And finally there's also a story starring the Hulk, which shows what happens when vampires drink Gamma blood.

"The bloody chaos continues as the events of Blood Hunt spill across the Marvel Universe! When the skies go dark, what will happen when a group of vampires gets a taste of the Hulk’s gamma-irradiated blood?! Kate Bishop takes aim against the creatures of the night with the help of a mysterious new vampire hunter," reads Marvel's official description of Blood Hunters #2. 

"And Dagger and Elsa Bloodstone have teamed up to face down the vampiric hordes – but when a new combatant enters the field, will she prove friend or foe? Or both?! The formation of Marvel’s wildest new team yet, the Blood Hunters, continues!"

Blood Hunt #2 goes on sale June 5 with a cover by Greg Land, seen above.

Blood Hunt writer Jed MacKay is promising a "true horror show" when the event arrives this summer.

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