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Blogger Kell Harker

Here are the answers from blogger Kell Harker

1/ What first got you into SF?
When I was six years old, I fell in love with a robot named Astro Boy. But it wasn't his cute little red boots or super-cool robot powers that kept me watching the show; it was his journey of discovering his human emotions that I found incredibly fascinating. I saw in Astro Boy qualities that some people around me didn't possess, like compassion, kindness, and joy. I was very young when I realized that science fiction is not only filled with imagination and ideas, but that the genre also exposes a lot of truths about the human condition. Astro Boy is more human than some of people I have encountered throughout my life.

2/ Who was your first geek crush?
Anyone who went to my high school will remember my locker being wallpapered with pictures of Dean Cain wearing those fantastic blue tights, red cape and boots. Not only was my locker filled with pictures of Dean Cain (both with and without the glasses, although I do prefer men in glasses), but my bedroom décor also slightly resembled a stalkers fortress of solitude. But as I grew up, and as Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was cancelled, my crush on Clark Kent eventually expired. Hmm... although now that I think of it, my husband does kind of resemble Dean Cain, if I squint my eyes real tight...

3/ If you were a spaceship from a TV show or movie, which would you be (and why)?
I would be the TARDIS, because my favourite colour is blue, and because there's no Gorram primary buffer panel to worry about.

4/ If SFX were to run a convention, which guest would you most like to meet there?
I would most want to meet Nathan Fillion because apparently he's really tall, and I think it would be fun to stand on his shoulders and form, like, a super person...

5/ What's the most exciting thing to happen to you (SF wise) in 2009 so far?
Becoming an SFX blogger! I've been reading SFX for years, and it's really been a dream to be able to contribute to the website. And I'm now patiently waiting for my fan club to assemble. As an Official Kelly Harker Fan Club member, you'll get your very own Membership Card, a Certificate of Membership suitable for framing, exclusive audio commentary of my blogs, and an official Membership T-Shirt (sizes SM-XXL), displaying on the front, my personal catch phrase, "Everything would go so much more smoothly if y'all just learned to worship me." One year Membership with Kit is $29.95 CAD. I do not accept the Discover Card.

6/ What feature would you most like us to add to this website?
I think every computer in the SFX office should have a web cam, and there should be a live video stream on the website. I think it would be really entertaining to watch you guys at work! Or maybe perhaps it would be really boring to watch, unless Jon always wears that Terminator mask, and Dave Bradley drinks too much espresso and then suddenly bursts into song. Have you folks at SFX ever thought about doing your own musical?

7/ What SF character has most inspired you in your life?
Beep-beep, fweep, weeeooop! R2-D2 has inspired me to be resilient, spunky, resourceful, and adventurous. This loveable sci-fi character has also proved to me that you can still be tiny, and be a hero.

8/ What's always your number one book or DVD recommendation to a friend?
My number one DVD recommendation (my friends don't read so I never get to recommend my favourite book) is of course, Serenity. It's extremely resourceful having the Serenity Chinese lettering tattooed on my forearm, as it's a great way to spark conversation about the awesomeness of the movie. Yes, I'm a proud SOB (Southern Ontario Browncoat). Am I obsessed? Quite.

9/ If you were the boss of SFX magazine for a day, what would be your first command?
I hereby command Nick Setchfield to watch as many zombie movies as it takes until he realizes that he loves zombie movies. I'm the boss for the day, so you must obey my command, Nick. Obey! Obey! O-BEY!

10/ Who'd win in a fight, a caveman or an astronaut?
"Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks!"