BioWare: We'll make you love Sonic's friends

BioWare General Manager Greg Zeschuk has declared that he hopes Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood will turn the much maligned characters of the Sonic universe into beloved icons.

Speaking to MTV, the RPG developer said the company sees Sonic's friends as an opportunity, rather than a problem.

"I think maybe the challenge there, if people are not as excited about having the friends, is making them worthwhile, making them a good part of the game," Zeschuk said.

"They're not going to be gimmicky. They're not going to be side things. It is actually a core part of the gameplay mechanic. It's actually, we think, going to revitalize the love of the Sonic friends, especially Big the Cat."

Co-founder Ray Muzyka also chimed in, claiming that BioWare aims to make people feel something, even if it is dislike. "If you provoke that kind of emotion and you're trying to provoke that, it's a good thing. Provided you allow players to enjoy the experience throughout."

"Hopefully they like some characters. Hopefully they dislike some characters. And if we can bring that and maximize that, it'll be really fun."

Oh don't worry Ray, we promise we'll dislike some of them.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 14, 2008