BioShocky horror show

We've netted a brand new trailer of the unfathomably brilliant looking Xbox 360 and PC shooter, BioShock - paddle your way to the Movies tab above, launch the video player and find "BioShock - trailer 12-20-06" for another look at the neon-lit, underwater world of Rapture and some of its none-too-neighbourly mutated residents.

The filmic treat offers a glimpse at a Big Daddy, diving-suit heavy, protecting a corpse looting Little Sister; the player using telekinesis to hurl objects; and a selection of enemies, including a Splicer - a laboratory freak that possesses the power of teleportation.

BioShock has been making waves ever since it surfaced -click here to find out why we're already smitten with the game- and we're positive that it's going to make a seismic splash when it's released on 360 and PC next spring.

December 20, 2006