BioShock gives both barrels

Tuesday 12 September 2006
As you may have noticed, we're pretty excited about next year's horror-shooter BioShock - enough so to politely insist that you have a look at these latest screens on the images tab above.

With the game being artistically inspired, having a brainy plotline and looking absolutely terrifying as it does, you could forget that it's still a shooter at heart. Handily, then, these shots show that the combat is every bit as vicious as the society-gone-wrong you'll be squaring off against.

Above: Actual guns - let alone bullets - are a rare commodity in the underwater world. Most weapons have been welded together out of scrap metal

You'll be able to undergo BioShock for yourself on PC and Xbox 360 next year (and it would be a complete un-surprise if those PS3 version rumours turned out to be true).