Bingo banned in World of Warcraft

Games of bingo have been banned from taking place in MMORPG World of Warcraft as it compromises the game's ban on gambling.

Many casinos started up in the fantasy online game but had to be closed down as many were fraudulent, but some WOW fans recently tried to get round this ban by organising a game of bingo as a fundraiser for the Church of Lord Sargera - creator of life on Azeroth.

The gamers behind the fundraiser would provide bingo cards to players for 20 silver coins for the chance to win a jackpot of 5 gold coins.

Unfortunately, as the organisers were charging people to have a chance at winning money, bingo still counted as gambling.

A moderating Games Master informed the organisers that "gambling is not allowed in the World of Warcraft and any participants of this activity can be possibly actioned for this."

So there you have it, slaying rival races with impunity is absolutely fine, but trying to get a Full House is just bang out of order.