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Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son review

It ain’t over till the fat lady dances…

Episode three in the cross-dressing comedy saga, and once again FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) dons the fat suit and latex mask to become no-BS southern matriarch Big Momma. But there’s a twist!

This time, Turner is joined on the undercover beat by stepson and aspiring rapper Trent (Brendan T Jackson).

The duo must infiltrate an all-female performing arts school in the respective guises of house matron and ‘her’ hefty niece Charmaine, who falls for hot fellow student Haley (Jessica Lucas).

Not unlike the title character, you can see the sight gags coming a country mile off (Big Momma busts a move! Big Momma busts the furniture!), while a subplot involving Eastern European gangsters is as nonsensical as the direction is dull (BM2’s John Whitesell returns to the fray).

Yet it’s a marginal improvement on previous outings, if only because Lawrence is slightly lower in the mix.

There’s also an enjoyable cameo from an uncredited Faizon Love as Curtis Cool, janitor and fervent admirer of our heroine’s curves.

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