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Best games of the decade

There are a small contingent of you out there that feel that the proper definition of a decade is at the end of 2010, you'd not only be wrong, but you'd also be personally insultingus with your wrong opinion. Thanks a lot jerk. For your consideration, pleaseglance below and find a handy collection of GamesRadar's 2000-2010 decade features. If you still believe it should include the 2010 features, please feel free to print them out and tape them to the side of your monitior to create the illusion of your false decade definition.

Above: Spolier alert! These guys are kind of important

The sexiest new characters of the decade

The 25 best new characters of the decade

The 10 most shocking game moments of the decade

The decade's most memorable moments in gaming

The Top 7 disappointing games of the decade

The Top 20 most important games of the decade

And there you have it, an entiredecade of gaming summized in a number of brilliant features from your old pals at GamesRadar! Happy new years to you all and thanks for supporting the site!

Jan 3, 2011