Behind-The-Scenes Of The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks' slushy adaps make big box office and made household names of Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum. Total Film joins Zac Efron on-set of the latest, The Lucky One , to watch your next date movie being made...


Just what does it take to make romance work? It’s a question that’s plagued Hollywood execs as much as it might the average single thirty-something – what are the requisite ingredients that go into making a perfect weepie?

For an ingredient with a proven track record, look no further than one Nicholas Sparks, the Nebraska-born author of blue-collar chick-lit novels from The Notebook to A Walk To Remember , both of which have spawned undeniably classic date movies.

So ingrained is Sparks’ clout in the movie-going public’s minds that recent Rachel McAdams/Channing Tatum rom-dram The Vow was mistaken for a Sparks adap by many punters prior to its release, for no reason other than they simply assumed it must be him.

Who else could have written the source material for a Midwest-set weepie that smashed box office records on Valentine’s Day, and became the first 2012 film to cross the $100 million mark? Somewhere along the way, Sparks’ name has become synonymous with commercially successful slush.


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