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Don't forget to add Bayonetta and Corrin to your Super Smash Bros. roster today

A sexy witch and a dragon-person are about to enter a melee with Mario, Samus, Kirby, and a whole bunch of other Nintendo characters. Bayonetta and Corrin, the next two characters to be added to Super Smash Bros. (opens in new tab) for Wii U and 3DS, will be available later today. Make sure your console(s) and copy/copies of the game are updated and your wallet is ready.

If you're not sure who these brawlers are, Bayonetta (from her self-titled game series) is a slayer of angels with guns attached to her high heels, while Corrin (from Fire Emblem: Fates (opens in new tab)) is the heir to two kingdoms with the ability to transform into a dragon. Bayonetta will cost $6/£5.39 on either Wii U or 3DS, or $7/£6.29 when both versions are purchased together. Corrin is a bit cheaper, coming in at $5/£4.49 individually and $6/£5.39 as a bundle. As noted by game director Masahiro Sakurai in December, these will be the final two characters released for the game.

Of course, that doesn't mean we won't see these characters in another package. Not only will Bayonetta and Corrin be getting their own amiibo figures, but rumors abound of a brand-new or definitive edition of Super Smash Bros. coming to Nintendo NX (opens in new tab), so keep your fingers and claws crossed.

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