Become the robot you were meant to be in Battle Shapers, a new FPS roguelite revealed at the Future Games Show

Just announced at the Future Games Show Powered by the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro, Battle Shapers is a new roguelike sci-fi FPS where you fight enemy machines to advance your powers, and defeat the Overlords that have corrupted your world.

Playing as Ada, you need to battle through the world of New Elysium to save it from the domineering Overlords. As you can see from the exclusive reveal trailer, that involves fast paced first person battles against against robotic enemies to ascend towers full of a combat, traps and, at the end, an Overlord boss to take down.

You'll have to pick your weapons and tactics carefully to proceed, but even if you fall along the way you'll unlock new weapons, abilities and talents to power up subsequent runs. However, at the same time, the Overlords you're trying to defeat will adapt and evolve - changing the towers you fight through each time to keep you on your toes.

But, if you can blast through everything in your way, you can obtain the ultimate power up and take on the abilities of the Overlords you defeat. Taking down this ruling class of robot oppressor will earn you impressive new upgrades like a Railgun Punch or Airblade Attack, among others. These won't just change the gameplay of subsequent runs, but also your appearance, as you increase your devastating combat potential.

Battle Shapers will be coming to PC this Summer, 2023. Wishlist it now on Steam.

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