Basque Ball review

At first glance, Julio Medem's latest seems to be a far cry from the Basque fabulist's sublime, romantic earlier work (Sex And Lucia, Lovers Of The Arctic Circle). Comprised of almost 100 interviews, it's a rigorous "invitation to dialogue" about the history of the political rift between the Basque country and the Spanish government. Indeed, the film contains multiple dialogues within itself, torpedoing the Spanish government's absurd accusation that it is 'pro-terrorist'.

Most sides of the argument are represented, creating a polyphony of articulate, impassioned and dignified voices from singers, poets, professors, journalists and more. Sadly, both the Basque separatist group ETA and Spain's ruling political party declined to contribute. But the film doesn't lack diversity of opinion, standing as a powerfully engaged, engaging call to communication. Living, breathing and vital, like most of Medem's work, then.

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