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Barber-ella SF Hair Cuts You Wouldnt Want 11

We’ve already mentioned Chekov, but he wasn’t the only Trek character to suffer follicular malfunction. We decided not to highlight Voyager’s Neelix with his Howard Jones inspired ’do, because, well, he gets kicked enough as it is. Instead here are two characters who overcame early hairy problems…

From: Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-94)
Played by: Michael Dorn

It took quite a few seasons before the production team found a hair style that worked for Worf (ironically a ponytail, which rarely works for most men). His worst period was the "page boy" look. No wonder other Klingons used to point and call him names. The big girl.

From: Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-5)
Played by: Jolene Blalock

During the first season of Enterprise, poor old T’Pol was lumbered with a misjudged approximation of the Spock look that usually made it look like she was preparing to be a human cannonball. Thankfully the looked was softened u for later appearances.

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