Baldur's Gate 3's Swen Vincke says the hit D&D RPG will still get updates like mod support and new ending cinematics, just not "new content"

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Larian Studios isn't planning on making full-fat Baldur's Gate 3 DLC or a sequel, but that doesn't mean the hit D&D RPG is getting totally abandoned.

Swen Vincke explains on Twitter that "there's still a bunch of stuff coming like mod support and extra cinematics for some of the endings," you just won't be getting "new content." Not from Larian, anyway.

"I understand there will be disappointment because people fell in love with what we created, but it was a story with a beginning, middle, and an end, and it doesn't need more," he says. "The team has grown a lot during Baldur's Gate 3, and I think you can be very excited about what that growth means for our next game."

"As for BG3 and its characters - they now belong to Wizard of the Coast and I think they understand how important they are for the community. I trust that they'll be treated with respect."

"It's not easy for us to say goodbye to them but we also knew from the get-go we'd have to one day. We learned a lot from creating them and I'm very eager to see those lessons applied to new characters."

Vincke's comments follow a Game Developers Conference talk in which he shared that Larian is done with Baldur's Gate 3 and D&D and won't be making Baldur's Gate 4, saying, "We'll forever be proud of it, but we're not going to continue in it."

Still, it sounds like big things are cooking over at Larian. Vincke also says today's technology cannot handle his "very big RPG that will dwarf them all" and that he hopes the PS6 generation "is going to bring us closer."

That sounds exciting, though I can't say I want to think about what happens if technology doesn't reach the needed levels.

Hasbro exec says Baldur's Gate 3 "proved for us that people really wanted great D&D games," supports Larian's plan to "take the time we need."

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