Avatar: The Last Airbender - first look

Of course, on the Wii version of Avatar, the control is quite different from the other console versions. The nunchuk will obviously be used for moving your bender around the world. Tilting the nunchuk serves to adjust the camera. It's quite odd to imagine that things like this will become standard-issue for our gamer brains in another year or two.

For attacking, players will press the A button while making a slashing motion. Combos are all about timing, instead of just flailing about madly. To execute an elemental attack, you hold down B while highlighting an onscreen menu for the desired maneuver. Finally, focus moves will utilize a shape-drawing mechanic, which should be familiar to fans of Castlevania on the DS. You must trace a unique shape to pull off these powerful techniques.

Aang isn't the only playable character; you'll also be placed in the shoes of several other heroes. Katara is a young girl with waterbending abilities, while Sokka is her magic-less brother who compensates with a devastating boomerang weapon. They will all level up independently, and have unique arsenals that make them better suited for certain conditions.

With a cast of playable characters, you might automatically assume Avatar features a multiplayer co-op mode - especially for seasoned action RPG veterans to lend their less experienced allies a hand. Sadly, that's not the case. This game is strictly single-player from beginning to end.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the few licensed titles that may hold appeal to gamers regardless of their affinity for the show. The lack of multiplayer is a sizeable disappointment, however, as that's how these types of games are best played. Still, Avatar has potential for a weekend gaming bender for solitary individuals.