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Zynga's Live Poker now on Android

In a matter of a couple days, social gaming publisher Zynga went from having no presence on Android to pushing out two of its most popular games. Of course, we're still waiting for Farmville.

But for now we'll have to live with Mafia Wars, which came out earlier this week, and the newly released Live Poker. Live Poker is the most fleshed-out online poker game yet for the Google mobile operating system.

And, if you happen to be a fan of Live Poker on Facebook, you'll be able to bring everything over with you into the Android version. All of your chips, your avatar, etc... it all ports directly over thanks to Facebook Connect.

As far as Farmville goes... we have no idea. Surely Zynga would want to bring over its most popular Facebook game before working on lesser known titles like Live Poker, but apparently not. Zynga announced its support for Android just a couple months ago, and at the time only mentioned Live Poker.

Yet, out of nowhere, it launched Mafia Wars for the platform first, making Live Poker its second game for Android, even though many had reported earlier this year that Live Poker would take that distinction. Weird.

Live Poker is available now in the Android Market, while Mafia Wars is only downloadable through third-party app store For whatever reason, Zynga hasn't gone through the whole official app submission process for its mafia simulator.

Dec 23, 2010