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X-Men: The Official Game review

[DS] Its mutant power is the ability to make you yawn on command


  • Touch-screen attacks
  • Magneto exclusive
  • It's over in a few hours


  • Sleep-inducing missions
  • Powers not used very well
  • Grainy visuals

Movie games are usually a chore to sit through, but handheld movie games are, somehow, even worse. But saying the DS version of X-Men: The Official Game is on par with the console versions is more of a condemnation than anything else. Instead of a monotonous, third-person beat-em-up, this one's a monotonous, overhead beat-em-up that lets you switch between four mutated heroes.

All the action is handled with the touch screen - tap enemies to lock on to them, and your X-man will start attacking them until they either die or run offscreen. Wolverine is the regenerating tank, Iceman can shoot frozen shards at cronies from a distance and Nightcrawler, sadly, just punches a lot. His special move lets him stop time by teleporting into his weird, velvety dimension, but ugh, it's just more tapping.

Unique to the DS version is Magneto, who is fun to play as if you don't mind being a hunched-over old man. Specific items on the game path can be grabbed with the touch screen, used as a magnetic shield or tossed at enemies. But when one mission has Iceman and Magneto stuck on a bridge, unable to cross a gap, you have to wonder why they can't just... fly across the hole. Because they can both fly. Oh and Magneto could just reshape the bridge. But no - please keep tearing apart robots and soldiers.

More Info

DescriptionAn overhead tap-a-thon featuring four playable heroes, witty banter and some dirty, ugly graphics. A different kind of boring from the console version.
PlatformDS, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, GameCube
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
UK censor ratingRating Pending
Release date23 May 2006 (US), 19 May 2006 (UK)