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The Witcher 3 gets more gruesome finishers in its second-to-last free DLC

The Witcher 3's penultimate free DLC will add new ways for you to carve up foolhardy brigands. CD Projekt Red has announced that a free content update coming later this week will add a slew of new finisher animations to the game.

If you're not familiar, finisher animations are those slow motion cinematic kills that sometimes occur when you take down your last opponent in a fight. Once the DLC rolls out later this week, you'll find Geralt's thought up several inventive new ways to literally divide and conquer foes.

CD Projekt Red also confirmed that it will distribute the 16th and final free DLC next week. Previous content drops have added new looks for companion characters, additional contracts, beard customization options, and more, so it could be just about anything. Assuming you've already cleared out The Witcher 3's campaign and massive open world, you'll just have to wait for the first of two big (paid) story expansions after that.

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Connor Sheridan
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