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Watch the magic happen in this Uncharted 4 mo-cap video

The fame, the green dots... the jeeps made of grey boxes. Yes, the truly glamourous life of motion capture is revealed in the below video of Uncharted 4 production. Nolan North dives dramatically onto a crash mat, Richared McGonagle looks suitably grumpy and Troy Baker breaks the 'steering wheel.'

In an interview with Grantland, our new favourite Ghost explains even the simplest idling movements for Mr Drake are exhausting. As well as movement, North even needs to capture idling and then moving every single way we might ever desire to send Nate. "Idle to walk.. idle to slight jog, do all those," he explains.

"Now idle to full sprint. Now those are done. Now idle to crouch-walk — crouch-walk this way, this way, this way. Crouch-jog, now crouch-sprint, now we’re on fire. You’re taking fire, you’re doing something else. Now you’ve got to do it where you’re walking shooting left, shooting a machine gun, now it’s this kind of gun. Do all those. Days and days. Just dripping [with sweat].”

Feel guilty yet? We should probably try all those idle to walk movements when Uncharted 4 comes out in its various special editions next year. Just to make it worth his while.

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