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Ubisoft survey may have leaked NGP price

Ubisoft has reportedly commissioned a survey that asks customers about Sony's upcoming handheld system and tells them straight up "the retail price of the Sony NGP is expected to be around $350." But that isn't the full story.

The very next question in the survey, conducted byToluna, tells respondents that the $350 price tag would be for all the bells and whistles that come with a 3G mobile data connection. For a unit that only connects to the internet through Wi-Fi, it would be $250. Both questions asked consumershow likely they were to buy the next PSP at that price.

Of course, the surveydoesn'tstate that those are the actual price points.However, if the values are accurate, the Wi-Fi version of Sony's new handheld would be priced at thesame pointas the Nintendo 3DS, which has had no trouble garnering strongpre-order buzzat its price point.

Getting an NGP with no 3G capabilities, though, takes away a lot of glamor from the device. One of the selling points is its unique ability to download games any time, anywhere, and to connect with 'PlayStation certified' phones in online games.

So those who do want the NGP and all it has to offermay have to pony up as much as $350, which is higher than most predictions when the device was first announced. GameStop began taking pre-orders for the gadget with a placeholder price of $999,which was later reduced to $299. Since then, the retailer has removed the pre-order page from its website.

We'll have to wait to hear the official pricing from Sony. All the company has said about NGP's availability so far is it is planned to be released later this year.


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Mar 17, 2011