The worst videogame TV shows of the decade

Attack of the Show imagines a world where nerds don't offend the senses of supernaturally hot women.

Featuring Kevin Pereira as pretty much the demographically sensible best-case-scenario of a geek and Olivia Munn as an impossibly good looking person, AotS first aired as the internet-culture and news replacement for tech show The Screen Savers on G4.

This isn’t a show for nerds; this is a show for people who like the internet but love being able to retain some sort of social life. The kind of people who ironically wear t-shirts with pictures of Tay Zonday but still manage to pick up girls at parties because they think it’s a portrait of Tupac. And similarly, Pereira is the type who can manage to talk in-depth about IP masking yet seem normal enough to have a conversation with Olivia Munn without trying to smell her. I’m fairly sure none of these people can actually exist without time and space tearing apart under the weight of that kind of human paradox. Even Pereira is probably projected from a computer in a backroom like Max Headroom.

But saying that, anyone who openly says they hate Attack of the Show is confusing the feeling of rage with the feeling you get when you stare at Olivia Munn without blinking for twenty minutes. In reality, Attack of the Show is so harmless, generic and full of readily okay human beings who talk about things you care about that it’s impossible not to find vaguely enjoyable.

Oh hey, here’s Munn doing the truffle shuffle:

Or deep-throating a hanging hot dog (this one’s for the fellas):

Or jumping into a giant pie while dressed as a French maid:

Now, what were you talking about?