The Top 7... Articles we wish we'd thought of

You may not believe this, but sometimes other websites have ideas that are just as good as the ones we think of. Of course, they aren't always as good, and some would grumble and gripe over howour articlesthat are unique and deserving don't always get the attention we think that they should. However, being the progressively thinking website that we are, we get over it and understand that there are plenty of other things on the internet that are worthy of our precious time.

This is a list of features that we stumbled across and thought, "damn it, now I can't write this." Every one of these are from sites that we are in no way affiliated with, but we just can't help but want to share them because they're The top 7 articles we wish we'd thought of first. So you'd better enjoy them, because it doesn't help us out at all when you read them.

Honest Game Names- Something Awful

Apparently, I'm not allowed to choose "the entirety," so I'm going to go with Honest Game Names. The Something Awful regulars create mock videogame boxes with titles and text changed to more accurately reflect what you actually feel when playing the game.

Artsy, philosophical types like Joe might say it offers a "lowbrow comedic layer that only thinly masks a meatier, masterfully witty underlying parodical critique, made all the more sublime by the fact that its tart reflectivisim has been crafted by the collective artwaves of a vast, pulsing conglomeration of individual creatives." Me? I just think it's funny, especially if you know the games being spoofed.

The feature is just one installment of Something Awful's weeklyPhotoshop Phriday, easily one of the most consistently funny recurring features on the web.Anagrammed Game NamesandVideo Games According to Grandmaare two more great videogame-themed entries, but this is gold pretty much every week, no matter what the subject. Sheer brilliance.