The Outer Worlds release date confirmed, watch out Modern Warfare

The Outer Worlds

 The game has been in development since around May 2016, and we finally know The Outer Worlds release date thanks to the Xbox E3 2019 press conference. It was the very first game shown off in a long line of titles shown off by Microsoft, and due to Obsidian’s success with Fallout New Vegas, The Outer Worlds has been a hotly anticipated title since they haven’t worked on another Fallout game since. There’s just a few months to wait, as The Outer Worlds release date has been revealed. 

The Outer Worlds release date 

The Outer Worlds release date

 The Outer Worlds release date is October 25, 2019. There’s a number of games coming out around the same time; Ghost Recon Breakpoint on October 4, Death Stranding on November 8, Pokemon Switch on November 15, not to mention Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on October 25, the exact same day as The Outer Worlds. Get your holiday booked off work as soon as possible, folks!

The confirmed release date for The Outer Worlds is actually almost three months later than we were hoping for, as an accidental Steam mishap revealed an August 6 release date. Thankfully, we always know to take these rumours with a pinch of salt, though we still can’t help but feel slightly disappointed we’ve got to wait that much longer. We also know that the game will definitely be on PC and PS4 along with Xbox One, despite being shown off at the Xbox press conference. With that said, if you’re picking it up on PC, be prepared to grab it on the Epic Games Store because it’s now an exclusive despite the aforementioned Steam “leak”. Get ready folks, because The Outer Worlds is expected to be a strong game of the year contender!

 Check out the reveal from the Xbox press conference below: