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School Of Sci-Fi - Updated

According to The Guardian in a poll of nine- to-11-year-olds, most children picked David Tennant as their dream headteacher. This got us wondering - what other SF icons would make great teachers? Here are SFX's suggestions.

History: Indiana Jones
PE: Buffy Summers
Metalwork: Magneto
Woodwork: Pinocchio
Art: Tim Bisley
Biology: Dana Scully
Physics: Dr Emmett Brown
Chemisty: Dr Henry Frankenstein
French: Hoshi Sato
German: C-3PO
English: Thursday Next
Maths: Data
Sex Education: Gene Hunt
Careers Advice: Sam Beckett (well, he's done most of them)
Geography: Slartibartfast
Cookery: Michael Garibaldi
Religious Education: G’Kar
Economics: Quark

Feel free to suggest your own!