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Real life Mario Kart is equally dangerous and hilarious

Recreating Mario Kart in real life is a quick ticket to a holding cell or the emergency room, but watching a pseudo professional re-create Mario Kart in real life from the safety of your screen %26ndash; well %26ndash; that's a speed burst to hilarity!

Please enjoy responsibly:

The video is the latest live prank conducted by French funnyman R%26eacute;mi Gaillard, whose main schtick is engaging in flash-mob stunts or hidden camera spectacles. This is the second time he's attempted a Mario Kart gag, with the first being the equally absurd Remi Kart 1.

Once again, GamesRadar does not condone idiotic behavior unless conducted by professionals. Or French people.

[Source: TheDailyWhat]

Feb 14, 2011