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Rainbow Six Vegas

Gabe:Playing in the team-oriented game modes, there's much more necessity for tactical thinking. You're better off sticking with your team and taking a more deliberate approach (especially if respawns are turned off and you only have one life available). Of course, there's also a greater opportunity for cleverly trapping your opponents, as we discovered when one of the devs whipped out a brick of C4 and stuck it to a wall in order to trap our foes.

There's nothing more satisfying than watching an elite group of specially trained soldiers breach into your base before getting instantly vaporized by a shoebox packed with hurt that had been strategically positioned mere seconds after the game even started.

Joe: Indeed. One of the developers brought the hurt so badly with the C4 that they were actually joking about taking it out of the game. That aside, there was a nice feeling of balance in the game's vast array of armor and weapon loadouts. I had a blast with the heavily armored riot shield paired with a Dirty Harry-style hand cannon.

The riot shield makes you practically invulnerable to gunfire, but slows your movement rate considerably. So you're an unstoppable human tank until your opponents wise up and roll a grenade at your feet. In team play, we were also able to stop a shielded enemy by flanking him - after all, the shield can only point one direction at a time. I drew the shielded dude's attention by peppering him with constant SMG fire from a nearby rooftop while my teammate sneaked up the stairs and finished him off.