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Peter Molyneux: Fable II was "rubbish"

Peter Molyneux, the creator of Fable, is famous for enthusiastically overhyping his games to the point that they cannot possibly live up to players' expectations. This is the man who made the simple addition of a dog in Fable II sound like an industry-changing revolution.

So imagine my surprise, when I meet Molyneux for a Fable III demo during E3 last week, and the first thing he says to me is: "Fable II's story was rubbish." He wasn't done. Before the end of our half-hour together, Molyneux had used that same word to trash the maps, menus, visuals, weapons and co-op in his last game as well.

Whether you agree or disagree – I work for a site that scored Fable II a 9 for "Awesome," after all – Peter Molyneux wants us to know that these things will be vastly improved for Fable III. Here are five of his examples…

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