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Nintendo announces 2010 Club Nintendo rewards

TodayNintendo announcedits 2010 rewards for "Elite Status" Club Nintendo members. Nothing too surprising here - Platinum members(anyone who's accumulated 600 Coins or more) can redeem a classy figurine:

Gold members (300 Coins) get another calendar,similar to last year's reward, although Nintendo hasn't released any images of the new calendar yet (they assure us it will be for the correct 2011 year with all new images though).

Of course, Platinum members have their choice between the Platinum and Gold rewards, so if you don't like the figurine you can always opt for the calendar instead. Or if you're like GR Associate Production Editor Henry Gilbert, you'll find a way to get both:

Above: Henry Gilbert pictured with both 2009 Club Nintendo rewards from his personal collection

Jul 1, 2010

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