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MotorStorm RC review

Mini MotorStorm makes for a sizable sensation on PS3 and Vita

Another nice feature is the cross-platform support for the PlayStation Vita version of the game, which is available as a free download. Your save data and unlocked trophies are automatically stored in the cloud after each event, allowing you to resume progress on your platform of choice.

The PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game are very similar, so if you don’t care about having local four-player races or cross-platform play, you might as well save the $10 and jump on the Scion-sponsored free Vita download (while it’s available for North America). In addition to an exclusive car on the Vita version (the Scion iQ), there are a few other differences to keep in mind. First, some may find the controls to be a bit easier on the PS3 since acceleration and braking are mapped to the analog shoulder buttons (on Vita, you use the right analog stick by default). The PS3 game also has more detailed visuals, while the Vita game has longer load times in between races.

While MotorStorm RC is enjoyable little racer, there are a few drawbacks. There are only four camera viewpoints in the game, with the best being the aerial view, since it lets you see more of the track. There’s no behind-the-car perspective, so fans of traditional racing games might have a hard time adjusting to the action.

Though the PlayStation 3 version offers four-player simultaneous racing, it’s limited to friends and family members on the same system. The game doesn’t support online competition, which is a big disappointment, and there are no power-ups, turbo boosts, or car upgrades outside of new paint schemes.

Despite its limitations, MotorStorm RC is a great game that'll remind older gamers of classic RC titles of decades past. While it's not grand in scope (and we wish it supported online), its old-school approach is a pleasant surprise, especially as you realize just how easy the game is to pick up and how difficult it is to put down.

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